Here are things that makes us special

Cutting Edge Tech

2MTech is making a name in the space of cloud enablers and managed IT services providers. A strong support team working round the clock along with in-house developers and certified engineers, 2MTech provides a host of services in the IT space.

Our Values

Our values define our company culture. The commitment as an IT company led to the development of our values which are, Integrity, Open Communication, Total Client Satisfaction and Involved. We want our clients to stand up for ideas and challenges they face in IT and we want to be involved while they need prompt solutions.

Your Satisfaction

2MTech is making strides in the space of cloud enabling and managed IT services. We believe in growing relationships and working together. We base our services on our group principles, providing total client satisfaction, open communication and integrity.

Being a sub-Saharan African country, Mauritius has been able to blend itself with the changing IT infrastructure like the rest of the world. Mauritius represents an interesting potential and 2MTech has made the most of it in the past one year. Our prime business location in the heart of Port-Louis at ‘Le Caudan’ gives us a better reach with clients and IT training seekers. The journey towards opening two more delivery centers has already begun and 2MTech is already investing heavily in both IT services and IT trainings so as to provide the best to clients. Demarking oneself from competitors is not an easy task but apart from being associated with Microsoft, 2MTech is already climbing the ladder of a fruitful success.

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Contact Us For Collaborations, Questions Or To Say Hi

Our policy at 2MTech is Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction. Feel free to call or drop us an e-mail

Mauritius Office

Suite 350, Barkly Wharf Le Caudan Waterfront P.O. Box 1070, Port Louis Republic of Mauritius


Phone: +230 212-2222