Mothers’ Empowerment for IT – Free Workshop

Mothers’ Empowerment for IT is meant to help all the mothers in Mauritius to have access to IT Education. This is part of our CSR initiatives. We want to encourage mothers of 35+ years of age to contribute to the society in terms on technology as they should.


Here’s why this free Workshop is beneficial to mothers:

  1. Know how to operate a computer, learn hardware and software of computers
  2. Learn Microsoft Office
  3. Learn how to navigate on the internet, use Facebook and other social media platforms


We need to re-think the society and create learning opportunities for mothers in the IT sector. We want them to be autonomous, be able to use a computer and know its functions. Mothers should also learn Microsoft Office, incorporate the same in their daily life, which has been especially thought for Mothers who are owners of small and medium businesses. We will also help them navigate better on the internet, look into the opportunities that social media platforms can offer and familiarize them with the benefits of being connected online.


Who does not want an opportunity like that? All person attending the event will be awarded a certificate of attendance, accrediting that she has successfully followed and attended this event. We will be glad if you could grace the event with your presence for the special occasion of Mother’s Day. Kindly let us know if you are attending the event or if you need more details on the event call us on 212 22 22/ 5942 2203 or leave your contact details below, so we may call you back for the reservation of your seat.


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